Behind the Bean: From Cacao to Chocolate

Friday, Sept 13, 2019, 1:00–2:00 p.m.

Location: Hotel Arras
$20 per person


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Join a trio of bean-to-bar artisans at a chocolate tasting rich in flavor as well as context, and enhance your knowledge of chocolate making and flavor profiles as you sample cacao nibs, craft chocolate, and handmade confections and pastries. Deepen your love of cacao while discovering how passionate craft chocolate makers source and transform the humble bean into bars, bonbons, and beyond.

Logistical Details

In this bean-to-bar chocolate tasting, three chocolate makers will share their stories and styles to help you understand the process and theory of making chocolate and enhance your knowledge of chocolate flavor profiles.

Each of three craft chocolate makers will offer a tasting of cacao nibs, dark chocolate, and a confection or pastry made from their chocolate.

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Featured Participants


Greg D'Alesandre

Chocolate Sourcerer, Dandelion Chocolate

Hannah Hayes

Travel + Culture Editor, Southern Living

Jael Rattigan

Co-Founder & CEO, French Broad Chocolate

Sam Ratto

Chocolate Maker, Videri Chocolate Factory