Beer Cocktail (Making) Hour presented by Imbibe

Friday, Sep 13, 2019 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Location: Rhubarb
$35 per person


We hope you will consider adding a donation to MANNA's Packs for Kids program.

Happy hour has never been so fun. Live out your mixologist dreams at a cocktail-making class featuring all local ingredients, including artisan soda, spirits, and craft beer. Shake things up making two beer cocktails, and concoct a non-alcoholic shrub mix to take home.

Logistical Details:

I'll be an hour long cocktail making class that includes 2 beer cocktails and one non-alcoholic shrub using all local ingredients from Spencer's soda Company (Bad Art Cocktail Company), Sutlers Spirit Co. and beer from Catawba. We want people to be able to take home the shrub mix they make, so we will need to purchase little mason jars. Everything else will be donated!

Review of Event

This hour and a half long course will engage the guest in the history and practice of mixing cocktails. Guest will participate in a workshop to create their own take on a seasonal shrub and are invited to take their creation home with them. The course will cover three beer cocktail recipes ranging from traditional cocktails to more modern drink recipes. A brief history of cocktails will be provided along with a Q & A aimed to help engage the guest in mixing drinks at home.


3:00pm Guest Arrive… (All guest will be greeted with a complimentary beverage)

3:15pm - Introduction of speaker

3:20pm - Shrub Workshop...Guest will prepare a take-home jar of shrub with material provided.

3:35pm - The Brown Betty

3:45pm - A brief history of cocktails

4:00pm - The Shandy Gaff

4:15pm - Hopped up Noi Noi

4:30pm - Last Call

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