Gin Up: Distilling Mountain Botanicals presented by Imbibe

Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Location: Hotel Arras
$20 per person


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Some 2,500 plant species grow in the micro-habitats of western North Carolina. Hear how creative distillers work with local farmers to infuse gin with some of those native-grown botanicals, which results in a spirit with a distinct mountain terroir. Taste an array of these “bathtub gins” to get a sense for the diverse flavor profiles, then build your own blend of gin botanicals and learn how to infuse them into vodka at home.

Logistical Details:

Join Chemist Gin and Rayburn Farms to discover the botanicals of North Carolina and how the effect gin flavors. Taste different botanical blends and build your own blend to create your very own bathtub gin at home.


  • Education on the unique botanicals of NC and Asheville

  • Education on traditional gin botanicals and how they blend with NC botanicals

  • Hands on with the botanicals and tastings of bathtub gins made from the botanicals

  • a build your own botanical process where people make their own gin blend to easily flavor their vodka at home.

Featured Participants


Debbie Word

Founder, Chemist Gin

James Donaldson

Creative Director, Apothecary Beverage company

Jenn Rice

Culinary Arts + Travel Journalist

Michael Rayburn

Owner/operator of Rayburn Farms