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Top 5 Halloween Activities in Asheville

Top 5 Halloween Activities in Asheville

Celebrate Asheville's Spooky Side This Halloween. Looking for some spine-tingling adventure in Asheville this Halloween? Check into these fright-night adventures taking place all week long. 1. Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Patch - A never-before seen fall festival featuring Stingy's Illuminated Pumpkin Trail, an unbelievable trail created by local artists. The creative pumpkin displays light up when the

Halloween Fun in Asheville

Get into the Halloween spirit in Asheville with great events that offer spooky fun for all ages.  UPDATED FOR 2017: Learn about 5 haunted Asheville adventures by reading our roundup of haunted tours or choose from these great halloween events and activities: Only-in Asheville Halloween Fun The Legend of Tommy Hodges ” walking outdoor mystery, October 20 and 21 LaZoom Haunted Comedy Tour

Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

Families from across the country flock to western North Carolina during the summer months to drop children off at area summer camps humming with activities. Mountain biking, anyone? How about crafts, canoeing and sing-alongs? But summer camp doesn’t have to be just for the 18-and-under set. With the kids at summer camp for a week or two, why not stick around and create your own version of camp –

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