Winter Pictures

Even in winter, the Asheville area is an amazing place to behold. Here are some great submitted winter pictures:

Randy from Asheville submitted this picture, stating:

Having shoveled snow for too many years in the Midwest, this is my idea of "the perfect Winter scene." Photo taken on our Asheville area farm, Christmas eve 2007.

This picture, submitted by Nate of Brevard, shows off the area's beauty even in the coolest season. Says Nate:

We recently moved here from West Virginia and the area ripples with the outdoor beauty that we hold so dear. Asheville is especially unique in both its diversity and compassion. I would liken it to a west coast city that somehow found it's way onto the east coast and into the mountains. This picture is of the Blue Ridge Parkway after an icy night. I wish I could show you more of them, I wore out my batteries this morning on these shots.

Do you have a great winter picture and story? Submit your winter pictures! Or you can just enjoy seeing the winter pictures already submitted by locals and visitors...

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