Where the Wild Things Are: Monkey Spotted in Downtown Asheville

Where the Wild Things Are: Monkey Spotted in Downtown Asheville
Asheville locals see their fair share of wild things happening on any given week. Bears, Bigfoot, red spandex aliens in supermarkets... you name it, we've probably seen it. This past weekend one local resident, Jessica Ball, found herself in one of these situations when she unexpectedly wound up with a monkey in her car.

This might not be so bananas if monkeys were indigenous to the Asheville area, but as it stands, downtown Asheville is not a normal hangout for long-tailed primates (some people may debate me on that point). The monkey's owner had sent out an A.P.B. on her missing pet and fortunately her adorable marmoset was spotted in the parking lot of the downtown YMCA.

"Police had the monkey surrounded and were attempting to coax it out of a tree" said Ball. "I went to open my car door and suddenly the monkey jumped out of the tree and then darted inside my car."

Police instructed Ball to close the door so the monkey couldn't escape. Moments later, a visibly distraught owner showed up to retrieve her pet. As soon as the car door opened the monkey jumped into her arms making for a happy reunion. Ball was able to snap some photos of the cute little monkey before it was taken home.

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