Where does David Wilcox find his inspiration?

Where does David Wilcox find his inspiration?
Asheville-based singer-songwriter releases new album

David Wilcox has been making music for more than 20 years, releasing more than 18 albums and traveling all over the world. On February 25, his newest album "blaze" will hit stores, showcasing his most recent work, which includes a protest anthem, a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., and a rare (for him) love song.

David graduated from Warren Wilson College, and used to appear regularly at a club in nearby Black Mountain, remembered fondly by locals, called McDibbs. He had some great things to say about his hometown in a recent video post, which talks about his inspiration for the upcoming album and features some great footage from the recording studio:

One of David's earlier albums was called East Asheville Hardware, after a quirky track of the same name. You can listen to the song on iTunes.

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