Top 7 Gnomiest Things to Do in Asheville

Top 7 Gnomiest Things to Do in Asheville
Trip tips from our favorite traveling lawn ornament

Roaming Gnome in Asheville
The Roaming Gnome visits the Asheville Visitor Center.
Earlier this month, Asheville received a visit from the most intrepid of travelers, one with a large love of adventure contained beneath a small, red, pointy hat. The Roaming Gnome spent four days exploring the mountains and breweries, forests and restaurants of our fine town.

Did he have any favorite spots? We're not certain, but we do know that he got into some pretty gnome-y things while he was here. So here it is: the "gnomiest" things to do in Asheville, as experienced by the Travelocity Roaming Gnome himself.

7. Getting outdoors
The best way to experience some local color in fall is to get outside. Whether it's biking in Pisgah National Forest or fly fishing at the Biltmore Estate, all gnomes need some fresh air from time to time.

6. Resting and relaxing
Spending so much time standing in one position is certainly rough on one's back! It's vital for traveling lawn ornaments of all kinds to practice self care and take a break. Aromatherapy massages at the Spa at The Omni Grove Park Inn and bubble baths in a luxury suite at the Grand Bohemian Hotel are both great options.

5. Sight-seeing
A traveler as experienced as the Roaming Gnome knows all the must-see spots. And for a garden gnome, the first stop has got to be the place with 8,000 acres of gardens and grounds--Biltmore. Of course, with the weather cooling down, the gorgeous (and indoor) winter garden is certainly appealing as well.

4. Creating art
For a guy who embodies (literally) the art forms of sculpture and painting, it's only natural to be drawn to the more creative pursuits. The Roaming Gnome spent some time in the River Arts District, trying his hand at the wheel at The Village Potters and watching Jonas Gerard bring a canvas to life.

3. Eating local cuisine, and lots of it
He may be a little guy, but he can eat A LOT! We watched him stuff down five yummy tacos at White Duck Taco Shop before sampling some delicious vegan dishes at Plant. And that doesn't begin to cover the smorgasbord of the Asheville eats he tried.

2. Foraging in the forest
The Roaming Gnome said it best, following his outing with Mushroom Man Alan Muskat: "Freshly snuck up on mushrooms taste so much better than the non-snuck-up-on kind."

1. Drinking craft beer
No self-respecting gnome can call it an adventure unless he samples the local brew, and the Roaming Gnome must respect himself a lot, because he sampled at six of Asheville's 16 craft breweries.

Find out what else our plaster pal got into in Asheville, and follow him on his next adventure via Twitter and Instagram. Thanks, Roaming Gnome! Hope you'll come back soon!

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