Solar Pillar and Contrails... Oh My!

Solar Pillar and Contrails... Oh My!

AB Tech Institute of Climate Education Shares Latest Weather Fun Fact.

Western North Carolina has been enjoying some beautiful weather since the rain moved out on Wednesday.  Those mostly clear skies set the stage for a beautiful sunset on Thursday evening – with some atmospheric optics to boot!




The image above was shot about 4 minutes after the sun dipped below the mountain last night. The high, thin, wispy clouds painted gold by the setting sun are called cirrus clouds and are made of ice crystals (as opposed to liquid droplets that makes up most other clouds, including the darker clouds to the right). Also visible are at least 10 contrails (short for condensation trails) produced by condensation of water vapor in the exhaust of aircraft jet engines. 

The six-sided, plate-like ice crystals that form the cirrus clouds can create some very interesting optical phenomena, depending on how they are aligned within the clouds. In this case – the crystals are aligned horizontally, so that the light from the sun reflects off of the bottom side of the crystal, creating a vertical solar pillar. When the crystals are aligned vertically – we can see sun dogs (see the October 27, 2011 account here). 

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