Sample Local Asheville Artisan Chocolates

Sample Local Asheville Artisan Chocolates
Discover why all chocolates are not created equal at the Asheville French Broad Co-op on February 12. David Mason, owner of Black Mountain Chocolate, reveals the mysterious process of making chocolate from the cacao bean.

La Red Cooperative chocolate will be the featured chocolate. La Red is made from cacao beans bought from the Dominican Republic’s La Red Cooperative. The cooperative works with over 300 small-scale farmers in remote mountain villages.

Wondering what makes Black Mountain Chocolates so special? Black Mountain Chocolate is one of only a dozen companies in the United States that crafts chocolate from the bean. The company imports and roasts the bean, then makes the chocolate in small batches, adding only a small quantity of organic sugar and cacao butter. As a result, you can taste the essence of each country’s cacao, and also enjoy higher quantities of antioxidants.


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