Reservations Not Required: Restaurants Give Back

Reservations Not Required: Restaurants Give Back
Asheville Chefs Team Up to Feed Locals in Need

Hands full of baby squash.
Each Wednesday afternoon, about 300 people sit down to a home-cooked, family-style meal in a brick building on the edge of Downtown Asheville. Chicken casseroles, local produce and homemade pies fill the tables, and conversation buzzes throughout the full room of diners, about three-quarters of whom are homeless or living in poverty.

The Downtown Welcome Table has been one of the central programs of the Haywood Street Congregation for more than four years, providing a free, hot meal, in addition to warm hospitality and friendly conversation each week. And since June 2013, local Asheville restaurateurs have been pitching in to provide restaurant-quality food and cooking for one meal each month.

How You Can Help
Diners at area restaurants can help support the efforts of local chefs by donating to the Downtown Welcome Table. Each host restaurant will be placing envelopes on their tables for a few weeks leading up to their turn to serve. Money collected over and above the cost of food is donated to the Downtown Welcome Table.

Curate provided the kick-off meal in June, and The Blackbird followed in September. Check the events calendar to find out when to dine out to support these upcoming meals:
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