President Obama, Enjoy Your Asheville Vacation

President Obama, Enjoy Your Asheville Vacation
Local news outlets in Asheville are reporting that President Obama and the first family are vacationing in Asheville next weekend. President Obama, we salute your excellent taste in vacation spots!

To make your visit a little more enjoyable, we have some suggestions for your getaway:

  • We know you enjoyed your lunch at 12 Bones during your campaign trail stop in Asheville. We’re pleased to announce 12 Bones has opened a second location in South Asheville, which is open on Saturdays. Come get your blueberry chipotle ribs, jalapeno cheese grits and corn pudding!
  • Our tailgate and farmers markets are in full swing and filled with local fruits, vegetables and herbs. We recommend taking home a CSA box for the White House kitchen or buying some plants for the While House Garden.
  • Check out Biltmore House, America’s largest home. We’re sure you can pick up some decorating tips for the White House. Plus, you can see the thousands of tulips that are in bloom in the Walled Garden during Festival of Flowers.
  • Word is that Bo has been a good dog. Bring him along and let him show off at Chimney Rock Park’s sixth annual Bark in the Park.
  • Get away and unplug from the stress of managing the free world by cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s the patriotic thing to do, because the Parkway was named “America’s Favorite Drive.”
  • Groove to the beat by checking out Asheville’s drum circle on Friday night. Everyone from suits to local musicians to tourists will be there, so you and the family can blend in without the need for pesky Secret Service.
  • The first Beer Summit was a landmark idea. Find a new brew for your next meeting by checking out our microbrew scene. (Asheville was named East Coast Beer City USA, after all.)
  • Get outdoors and enjoy the scenic beauty that awed pioneers and explorers centuries ago. Plan a family hike using our handy online reference tool that lists hiking trails in Western North Carolina.
  • Support Asheville's fun and funky art scene by strolling downtown's local art galleries, checking out artists at work in the River Arts District and popping into the Asheville Art Museum.
  • Avoid the media, press and curious onlookers by escaping to one of our great spas. During your campaign, you stayed at the Grove Park Inn. If you haven’t already, check out their spa, it was ranked #13 worldwide by Travel & Leisure’s “World Best Hotel Spas.”

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