Pisgah Beer Tasting

Pisgah Beer Tasting
These days we're all looking for ways to save, so I've been purchasing larger quantities of necessary items to get better value. Good news for beer-lovers: Pisgah Brewing Co. just released three new 22-ounce bottles. Last night Bruisin' Ales hosted the release party with a proper beer tasting, complete with nuts and grapes for each round. We worked our way from pale to stout in the following manner:
  • Pisgah Pale Ale—"Our pale ale is a perfect blend of rich organic malts with whole leaf Chinook and Mount Hood hops. A crisp, clean profile makes this beer distinct. 31.8 IBU"

  • Pisgah Brown Ale—"This beer is an excellent session ale for those who like their beer a little on the malty side. A lighter body and balanced sweetness make this brown ale one to remember. Nothing fancy here. Just a rock solid brew."

  • Pisgah Solstice—"Pisgah’s year round Belgian. A Tripel ale, this beer contains moderately fruity esters with an alcoholic complexity supported by a soft malt character. This beer is pale gold in color and 9.5% ABV. It recently placed first out of 13 samples from North America and Europe in a blind tasting by Ales Street News!"

  • Pisgah Valdez —"This mouth watering stout is brewed with organic, fair-trade coffee beans from Dynamite Coffee Roasters and weighs in at a respectable 6.8%. The aroma of fresh coffee leaps from the glass and finishes slightly dry. Treat yourself to the finest coffee stout this season."

  • Pisgah Vortex II—"Treat yourself to the first of the Vortex series to be offered in a bottle. The strongest Pisgah beer bottled to date, this Russian Imperial Stout would make any 18th century Czar proud."

Last night was a variance from the norm, because it was a Tuesday and Bruisin' Ales normally does tastings on Thursdays. Tomorrow they'll be sampling new brews from Asheville Brewing Co.

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