PHOTO TOUR: Biltmore Exhibition Showcases Fashion from Titanic the Movie

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

For many of us, the scenes from the movie Titanic are etched in our minds as if we had lived them ourselves. From the famous scene when Jack sketches Rose to the tragic ending of the film when Rose tells Jack, "I will never let go," the actors and the costumes they wore helped make these movie moments unforgettable. 

An exhibition going on now through May 13, 2018 at Biltmore helps you to relive your favorite scenes from Titanic. Glamour on Board: Fashion From the Movie Titanic features more than 50 award-winning costumes -- including many worn by Rose (Kate Winslett) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).  This is the first large-scale exhibition of the costumes from the Oscar-winning film, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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The costumes are elegantly placed throughout Biltmore house. In many cases, the costumes appear as though they were designed specifically for the room where in which they've been placed. Curators have worked hard to match the costumes and rooms based on like color schemes, theme and ambiance. The costumes also serve to shine light on the real life connection between George and Edith Vanderbilt of Biltmore and the Titanic.

Please join us on this photo tour designed to give you a look at what to expect when you visit during the exhibition. While these photos provide you a sneak peek, you'll find making the trip to Biltmore yourself is the only way to truly appreciate the grandeur of Biltmore and the detail of the costumes on display!

All Aboard!

Your first stop when entering the exhibition is just outside of the grand Banquet Hall. This is the outfit (a white pinstripe suit and large purple hat) we first see Rose wearing as she prepares to board the ship.

Biltmore Titanic ExhibitionBiltmore Titanic Exhibition

Ready to Dine

The costumes in the Banquet Hall show the formal attire worn when Jack meets Rose's family and friends.

Biltmore Titanic ExhibitionBiltmore Titanic Exhibition

On Deck

Our next stop is the Salon Room. Here you'll find lovely yellow dress Rose wears in the scene where's she on deck in the sunshine looking at Jack's sketches.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

Tea Time

Four female costumes, all worn by supporting cast members, are what you'll see in the Tapestry Gallery. These are the characters Rose notices having tea. The mother is wearing a finely detailed Battenburg lace tea dress with a high neck and small train and a wide-brimmed hat with roses. These costumes show the traditional dress of the time.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

A Leap of Faith

The colors of the library work perfectly with the red and black tones in the dress Rose wears when she considers jumping off the boat. Jack talks her down and she invites him to dinner.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

An Iconic Moment

The Claude Room features one of the most recognizable costumes from the film: the beautiful blue dress Rose wears when at the front of the ship with Jack.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

Disaster Strikes

A pink dress and coat are what Rose is wearing when trouble begins to brew. The pink hues of the Tyrolean Chimney Room make this a great place for this costume.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

Sketch Me

This Asian-inspired dressing gown is from another of the film's most iconic moments. Rose wears this gown before Jack sketches her.

Biltmore Titanic Exhibition

Planning Your Visit

Don't miss your chance to see these incredible costumes and Biltmore in person!

Access to the Titanic exhibition is included in your daytime Biltmore admission ticket.

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