On-Track & Off-the-Beaten-Path

On-Track & Off-the-Beaten-Path
Spoiler Alert: There is contest info at the end of this post.

Let's see a show of hands? How many of you made some New Year's resolutions last week? Now keep your hands up if you are still on track. Good.

Although when you made said resolutions you may not have considered planning a vacation to help you keep them, it turns out that Asheville is the perfect place to do just that, and we want to share some of those tips with you during the next week or so.

Resolution # 1: Lose Weight; Get Healthy; Etc.

Many people avoid the scales when they return from vacation, fearful of the pounds that hitched a ride on the way home. But in Asheville, you can stay active and still indulge in healthy, farm-grown food:
Need some more ideas for making the most of Asheville in 2011? Request your complimentary copy of our Official 2011 Travel Guide to choose outdoor activities, healthy dining, and even a running race or two.

Contest Info: If you request your guide during the month of January, you will be automatically entered to win a handmade bowl from Black Mountain Pottery--the perfect bowl to hold your healthy salads.
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