New Mobile Service Showcases Asheville's Food Scene

New Mobile Service Showcases Asheville's Food Scene
Couple dines at Asheville RestaurantLooking for a quick and easy way to connect with Asheville's hot restaurant scene? There's a fun, new mobile service that makes dining in Asheville easier than ever.

Foodies Asheville brings foodies and Asheville's diverse restaurants together for a match made in heaven. They've also obtained the Appalachian Grown certification from ASAP, an organization at the heart of Asheville's farm-to-table movement. The Appalachian Grown symbol is displayed with farm products grown or raised in Western North Carolina and the Southern Appalachian mountains. When you see the Appalachian Grown logo, you know you’re buying fresher foods that support family farms!

Foodies Asheville is a free service, offering up to two deals per week. Interest areas include: farm-to-table, fine dining, casual dining, breweries/clubs, ethnic cuisine, and special foodie events. Offers are transmitted via text messaging, and subscribers redeem the deal by presenting the message received on their cellular telephone at the restaurant.

Can't wait to subscribe to the service? Get great Asheville dining ideas here.
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