New Belgium Brewing: Asheville's Newest Addition

New Belgium Brewing: Asheville's Newest Addition
New Belgium Brewing Opening Shop in Asheville.

It was announced today that New Belgium Brewing will be the newest addition to the growing collection of beer crafters in Asheville (aka Beer City USA). This news comes on the heels of another big announcement by Sierra Nevada who will also be opening a new brewery minutes from Asheville.

The idea of New Belgium began back in 1989 when owner Jeff Lebesch traveled across Europe on bike. Touring ale houses, Jeff collected ideas and recipes. Upon return, he whipped up two batches of home-brewed ale. One was a Belgian-style ale called Abby and the other was Fat Tire, an amber beer. Jeff and his wife Kim Jordan knew they were on to something good and began mass producing the brew adding many new blends to their list.

Kim is now the CEO of Fat Tire and her team deliberated where to open their east coast distribution center. It came down to Asheville and Philadelphia, but in the end the decision was to put New Belgium in the River Arts District, located between downtown Asheville and Biltmore.

Welcome to Asheville!

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The New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins, CO

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