Man Versus Bear: Local Saves Dog's Life

Man Versus Bear: Local Saves Dog's Life
Baxter is recovering
A mountain resident came to the rescue of Baxter, his Scottish terrier, earlier this week. A bear passing through Hall's yard perceived Baxter as a threat, grabbed him with its mouth and started shaking him like a rag doll. Rick Hall knew that if he didn't do something, little Baxter would be killed.

Hall and the bear started exchanging blows, and after a few punches and scratches the bear backed down. Hall has some battle wounds, but no major injuries. Baxter suffered from multiple punture wounds, but after receiving medical treatment he expected to fully recover. You can see the full story including an interview with Hall on WLOS.

It is recommended that you NEVER have a fist fight with a bear. Asheville bear sightings are somewhat common so it pays to be bear aware

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