Keep The Change

Keep The Change
Parking in Asheville Goes Mobile.

Don’t have change to feed the meter when parking in downtown Asheville? The City of Asheville has implemented a new pilot program for a sample of on-street parking meters that allow customers to pay parking fees by cell phone or smart phone.

The system gives customers another option when parking in downtown Asheville. There are 104 parking meters along Hiawassee St., Haywood St., Battery Park and Wall St. that are part of the pilot program. They display yellow stickers with instructions showing how to set up an account and pay for parking. Once an account is established, customers can simply pay meters on their phone by entering a zone and meter number.

Customers can also request a text message reminding them that a meter is about to expire. Customers using the pay-by-phone parking service will be billed an additional 25-cent service fee per transaction. A message will remind customers of the fee before they activate a phone transaction. 

If you find that street parking is unavailable, be sure to take advantage of one of the many parking decks located throughout downtown. 

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