Grove Park Inn Rekindles the Flame

Grove Park Inn Rekindles the Flame
Historic Fireplace Restored to Former Glory. 

Starting this week, the lobby of The Grove Park Inn will have a new light shining. For decades, the massive stone fireplace gracing the north side of The Great Hall has remained dark. However, the 36-foot wide chimney recently received extensive repair, part of the Inn's $25 million dollar renovation project currently underway.

Did you know? The fireplaces are so large that they were able to place the hotel elevators inside the rock casing. They're still there and fully functioning!

Fireplace Lighting Ceremony
Visit The Grove Park Inn on Thursday, January 24, at 11 AM for the relighting of the north fireplace. Outdoor parking is free and there will be complimentary valet parking for this special event. Afterwards make plans to enjoy lunch at Sunset Terrace, offering one of the most spectacular views of downtown Asheville and the western mountains.