Get a new perspective at Chimney Rock

Get a new perspective at Chimney Rock
With the warmer weather comes longer days and more chances to go outside and explore. One place you should definitely take the time to visit is Chimney Rock State Park. There are a lot of exciting new developments in the works and new experiences to be had.

Aside from the 75 mile view from the top of Chimney Rock and the second highest waterfall east of the Mississippi, the park comes loaded with programs to keep you engaged. Events like the Spring Wildflower Guided Hike, the Guided Birding Walk or the Survival Skills Workshop are just a few of the many activities you can plan.

Chimney Rock State Park is also making exciting changes to their trails and infrastructure. Expect newer and wider staircases along the upper half of the mountain and the elevator leading you up will be completely modernized and will have a larger capacity. That's all good news for improving upon an already great experience.


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