Foodtopian Spotlight: Jack's Nut Butter

Foodtopian Spotlight: Jack's Nut Butter
Jack Fischer wanted to change his diet. He was looking to eliminate processed foods and move towards a more nourishing approach to eating. This worked fine when crafting meals in the kitchen, but he found it to be challenging when looking for a snack.

Jack took his cravings to the culinary drawing board and soon crafted a recipe for a nut butter that blends Almonds, Walnuts, Ghee, Coconut Oil and local honey from an apiary in Asheville's Haw Creek community. After a bit of work and some minor tweaking, Jack's Nut Butter was born; an addictively smooth and sweet snacking experience. 

I sat with Jack in his West Asheville home to learn more about this new Foodtopian concoction. I wanted to know what the difference was between his blend and what you would buy in the store. Without missing a beat he pulls out a jar of a name brand peanut butter and read the ingredients.  Number one was "peanut butter spread." (Hmmm... what does that mean exactly?) Other ingredients in the store brand - hydrogenated oil, sugar, etc. So point taken, fresher ingredients.

However, Jack's recipe takes a lot of things into consideration. Fresh ingredients for one, but there's more to it. Regular peanut butter had always caused him a bit of indigestion, so to prevent this he first soaks the almonds and walnuts in salt water and then dries them. "This makes the nuts easier to digest," Jack claimed.

Once the recipe was completed to his satisfaction Jack decided to share it with others. With a little help from his friend's at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, he is making monthly batches on a smaller scale (for quality control) but soon hopes to make his product available to a wider audience. Future goals are to expand his product line utilizing the local, sustainable and slow foods philosophy that the Asheville food scene has embraced

If you are a fan of nut butters you should certainly try this delicious blend. To find a jar you should visit one of these area markets.

To find out exactly where to find Jack you can join his monthly newsletter by emailing him at, or to learn more you can connect on Facebook.
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