Food Bloggers Compete in Asheville Cook-off

Food Bloggers Compete in Asheville Cook-off
Some of the nation’s most popular food bloggers paired up with local chefs to test their creativity at a gourmet cook-off at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College on Tuesday.

The teams received mystery boxes filled with locally grown produce donated by Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), chorizo from Hickory Nut Gap Meats, trout from Sunburst Trout Farm and local products from Blue Ridge Food Ventures.

Talented Foodies
The teams included:

The Grand Winner
The winning team was Chef Annie Petri of Savoy and Alison McConnell of Humble Gourmand. They wowed the judges with a fennel blueberry goat cheese salad and a main course of trout, red quinoa, chorizo risotto and yellow squash and basil slaw

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