Flounder Crudo Recipe from The Market Place

Flounder Crudo Recipe from The Market Place
Foodspotting: How to Make Seven-Spice Flounder Crudo.
The Market Place
This recipe is perfect for your next special event or when entertaining guests. It is provided by Asheville Footopian William Dissen of The Market Place. He recommends you serve it with Green Apple & Fennel Salad, Grapefruit Reduction, and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and directions are provided on all of that below.

Dissen recommends purchasing only ocean-friendly seafood. How can you make sure your fish is environmentally friendly? Here's more information on sustainable seafood and what steps you can take to protect our ocean wildlife. 

On to the recipe - this yields four servings. 

7 Spice Flounder: 
NC Flounder Filet - 1 lb.
Togarashi 7 Spice - 4 tbsp. 
Fleur de Sel - 2 tbsp.

1. Slice flounder into a 2”W x 2”T x 8”L rectangle. Sizing will differ as the flounder filets taper towards the tail. 
2. Mix together the Togarashi Spice and the Fleur de Sel to evenly mix together. 
3. Roll the flounder in the spice and salt mix. 
4. Slice the Flounder into thinly sliced sashimi (about ½ oz. per slice). Pre-slice in advance on sheet trays lined with parchment paper. Cover sheet trays with another layer of parchment paper and reserve under refrigeration. 

Grapefruit Reduction:
Ruby Red Grapefruit, juiced - 1 cup 
Wildflower Honey - 2 tbsp. 
Star anise - 1 ea. 

1. In a medium sauce pan, combine the grapefruit juice, honey & star anise. 
2. Reduce by half and strain through a fine sieve. Allow to cool and reserve. 

Chef William Dissen
Green Apple & Fennel Salad: 
Granny Smith Apple, peeled & cored - 2 ea.
 Lemon, juiced - 1 ea. 
Fennel - 2 ea. 
Scallion, sliced very thin - ½ bunch 
Ruby Red Grapefruit - 1 ea. 
Ruby Red Grapefruit Reduction - ¼ cup 
EVOO - ¼ cup
Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste 

1. Combine the lemon juice and 1 quart of water. 
2. Julienne the Granny Smith Apple and place into the acidulated water & reserve. 
3. Cut & discard the stalks from the fennel & reserve the fennel fronds for the salad. Roughly chop the fennel fronds. 
4. Shave the Fennel paper thin on a deli slicer or mandoline. Place into ice water and reserve. 
5. Remove the skin from the Ruby Red Grapefruit by cutting the top and bottom off of the grapefruit and carefully cutting the grapefruit from top to bottom by curing the knife to the shape of the grapefruit. Slice the grapefruit into “supremes” by slicing between the white membrane, cutting out only wedges of the grapefruit flesh. 
 6. Drain the fennel & apple. 
 7. Working in batches, combine the fennel, apple, fennel fronds, and scallion in a large mixing bowl. Season to taste with Salt & Black Pepper, and lightly dress with the Ruby Red Grapefruit Reduction and EVOO. 
8. Reserve the grapefruit supremes for garnish. 

Ruby Red Grapefruit Reduction - ¼ cup 
EVOO - ¼ cup 
Cilantro, pluches - 4 ea. 

Finished product
To Plate: 
1. On a rectangle plate, lay out 3 slices of the sashimi flounder – side by side by side leaving a 2” gap between the sashimi slices. This will leave 2 – 2” “gaps” on the plate between the sliced sashimi. 
2. Drizzle approximately ½ teaspoon of EVOO & ½ teaspoon of Ruby Red Grapefruit Reduction “around” the sashimi. The Ruby Red Grapefruit Reduction & EVOO should look like a “broken” vinaigrette on the plate. 
3. In the 2 – 2” “gaps” between the sashimi, place approximately 1 tablespoon of the Green Apple & Fennel Salad. 
 4. Garnish the plate by adding 2 - Ruby Red Grapefruit supremes - to the Green Apple & Fennel Salad. Scatter the cilantro around the plate. Serve.

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