Flavors of Foodtopia

Flavors of Foodtopia
Recipes & reflections from Food Blog Forum

Triple Chocolate Whiskey Cake, featuring French

Broad Chocolate, by Karyn Granrud
Earlier this summer, Asheville hosted more than 100 food bloggers from across the nation at Food Blog Forum 2014.

In addition to a full day of fantastic educational programming and private tour of Biltmore, the bloggers were treated to a full Foodtopian experience, including a tasting event, farm tours and a downtown restaurant crawl. And it seems that they liked what they saw!

During the past few weeks, many of the participants have been posting their reflections, recipes and GORGEOUS Asheville photos on their blogs. Seriously, there are some wonderful photographers in this group, like organizers Todd & Diane at White on Rice Couple.

Susannah at Feast + West enjoyed mingling with such a diverse group of bloggers and new friends, and Wendy at The Monday Box learned quite a lot from her new connections.

Susan at That Susan Williams and Yelena at Cooking Melangery were particularly taken with the Biltmore, including the behind-the-scenes rooms they had the opportunity to see.

Angela at About a Mom appreciated the family-centered, sustainable practices she encountered at Hickory Nut Gap Farm. And both Lynda at Southern Kissed and Laura at Carolina Epicurean could not stop thinking about their whirlwind restaurant crawl through some of the best eateries in town.

A few bloggers were somehow still hungry after all the tasting and touring, and they ventured to explore some of Asheville's food culture on their own. Brian at This Cookin' Dad made a beeline for the gravy at Biscuit Head.

Biscuits and Gravy Flight at Biscuit Head,

by Brian Mellot
Asheville-Inspired Recipes
Several creative bloggers whipped up their own taste of Asheville at home, inspired by dishes they tasted in town or local artisan products they took back with them.

Here are a handful of the many mouth-watering recipes so far:

There are so many more delicious tales to tell about Food Blog Forum 2014. Stay tuned for more pics and recipes!

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