Fall Color Report - We Still Have Fall Color!

November Fall Colors at Chimney RockYes, we do still have fall color! It's as if Mother Nature decided this fall that the season should go in slow motion. The fall color here has crept through the area, and the leaf season has stretched well into November.

Even in higher elevations that typically have little color left by this time of year, the hues are holding strong in spots. In downtown Asheville and throughout the city, there is still a delightful blend of greenery and foliage to see. In the lower elevations like Chimney Rock and Lake Lure, visitors can expect a good couple more weeks of fall color.

This spectacular fall color season has provided a unique and rare opportunity to get two seasons for the price of one. Come for the fall color, but also enjoy the holidays in Asheville with seasonal events like Christmas at Biltmore already under way.

Fall Color Report (2,500 Elevation and Below)

The fall colors are steadily spreading throughout the lower elevations, where fall foliage peaks are happening now or will happen in the next couple weeks.

In areas like downtown Asheville and around the city, much of the foliage has turned shades of yellow, orange and red, but there is still a lot of green showing and still time to plan a visit. Along the

The Blue Ridge Parkway fall color hotline reports that fall is still in full swing even in November, particularly in the Asheville area. "There is still a lotr of leaf change to take place here in early and mid November."

At Biltmore, the show of color is truly extending. "Because we had a frost so late, it stretched everything out," said Director of Horticulture Parker Andes. "Here it is, we're still talking about fall color and it's November 7th." At Biltmore, the hillsides are coated with fall colors. "The oaks, in fact, are pretty much really coming into their own this week."

The fall colors in Black Mountain are beginning to peak, but there are still green leaves. "A lot of the rust colors and many of the reds, it seem like, popped out this week," said John McFerrin, owner of Take a Hike Mountain Outfitters. "The golds are really good right now."

At Chimney Rock Park, colors are progressing rapidly now with help from cool nights. By the end of this week, the yellows of hickory and poplar will be evident. A continued development of red in maple, tupelo and sourwood will happen through this week as well. Peak color is not yet arrived at Chimney Rock, so there is still time to plan visits over the next two weeks.

Fall Color Report (Above 2,500 Feet)

Grandfather Mountain November Fall ColorAt Grandfather Mountain, autumn foliage has passed its peak for the season at Grandfather Mountain but there is much to see in the valleys. This photograph was taken Tuesday from Linville. (photo by Jim Morton)

The most colorful routes are NC 181 from Morganton to Jonas Ridge (I drove this Tuesday and the color is great); US 221 between Marion and Linville Falls; US 321 between Lenoir and Blowing Rock; and US 421 between North Wilkesboro and Boone.

Mac Forehand with the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce reported that they are still seeing color. "The long summer of 2007 has extended the fall leaf color show into November," he said. "We have already peaked, but spectacular color continues, especially at lower elevations."

Top photo taken at Chimney Rock Park yesterday. Bottom photo taken at Grandfather Mountain Monday.

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