Fall Color Prediction for Asheville

Fall Color Prediction for Asheville
Asheville’s been blessed with a sneak peek of fall weather this week. Cool mornings, clear, crisp afternoons and brisk evenings. It’s no surprise we began to wonder around the office what sort of autumn Asheville would experience.

A little research and a call here and there revealed we are in for a particularly fantastic leaf peeper season:

“Every year is a good year for autumn color, depending on where you are in Western North Carolina. We finally had a normal rainfall year. As of September 1, the Asheville airport reports only one inch above ‘normal’ precipitation. With good growth on the trees, we have all the foliage we need for great fall color. As long as autumn develops normally with cool nights and dry days–and October is typically one of our driest months–it should be a colorful season.” –Biltmore Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes

“Drought-stressed trees show more color and turn, more or less, simultaneously. So, our wetter year could make the colors appear more gradually. We don't know what the weather will bring, but fronts that give us cold nights and bright sunny days will start the process in a couple weeks at high elevations, which will be vibrant very soon, and continue down to the low elevations. The later color from oaks and hickories will be nice at the end of October and early November.” –University of North Carolina Asheville Assistant Professor of Biology, David Clarke

“Compared to when I was growing up, I think it tends to stay warmer and we see the color later in the season. This was a more typical summer, like the kind I remember as a kid…cooler and wetter.” –Western North Carolina Native, Steve Woody

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