Eat. Drink. Vote.

Eat. Drink. Vote.
The WNC Chefs Challenge Heats Up Asheville's Food Scene.

If you fancy yourself a food critic, then make your reservations now for the WNC Chefs Challenge kicking off next Tuesday, March 20. Every Tuesday through May 22, two leading chefs in Western North Carolina will square off in an "Iron Chef" style competition to win over your taste buds. 

Each competition features a unique secret ingredient, and chefs are tasked with incorporating it into three dishes a piece. Diners are then asked to judge the six dishes based on smell, presentation, best use of the secret ingredient, etc. In true Foodtopian style, the secret ingredient is always locally sourced within a 150 mile radius of Asheville.

The competition culminates in a final battle at the Asheville Wine & Food Festival from August 23-25. Tickets are available here.

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