Cúrate Announces Plans For New Bar In Asheville

Cúrate Announces Plans For New Bar In Asheville
Nightbell Slated to Open December 2013.
The owners of Cúrate will soon open Nightbell. 
The owners of Cúrate, one of Asheville's most popular restaurants, announced they will open a contemporary bar in downtown called Nightbell. A recent press release promises a "bar of unrivaled sophistication designed to excite, invigorate and satiate in ways the city has never experienced before." Well that sounds promising... Here are some other details from the release.

Turquoise chandeliers overhanging the main bar set the stage for a commanding bar stocked with premium liquor available nowhere else in Asheville. It makes sense that the drinks of Nightbell set a new standard in a community celebrated for its beer and spirits culture considering the cocktail list is designed by elBulli alumni Felix Meana, who not only worked the front of the house at a restaurant ranked number one in the world for five consecutive years but also crafted an award winning wine and cocktail list at Cúrate.

Katie Button of Curate is working with family to open a new venture in Asheville.
Katie Button
At Nightbell, Katie Button’s American inspired menu will feature bar snacks and finger food prepared in a way that is designed to spark imagination and inspire whimsy through new spins on revered classics like lobster rolls tucked into velvety steam buns, duck and waffles, a twist on angels on horseback with oysters and smoked pancetta foam, cheesecake with cranberry gelee, molten peanut butter pie with tangerine sorbet. Nightbell is the place where guests will come to enjoy appetizers and a cocktail before venturing off for dinner in one of Asheville’s acclaimed restaurants and return for dessert, more cocktails, and of course, music! 

The music at Nightbell starts the moment the doors open and extends long into the night, beginning with sounds to set the mood and culminating in DJ sessions that beg for dancing. In the experienced hands of Felix’s brother Cesar who moved to Asheville just to spin at Nightbell and honed his skills spinning after hours for the staff of elBulli in Meana’s hometown of Roses, Spain, the scene at Nightbell is sure to solidify its place as the city’s preeminent after hours gathering spot.

Nightbell is scheduled to open this December. Stay tuned for more updates.
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