Contest: Get Elevated

Contest: Get Elevated
Chimney Rock Offers “First Ride” On Elevator, Annual Passes and More.

Some of the first guests to ride the 

elevator when it originally opened in 1949.
Are you one of those passionate Chimney Rock fans? If your family has been visiting Chimney Rock regularly for more than two generations, you may have a chance to win Annual Passes for your family, $200 in retail and dining gift certificates and the privilege of being among the first to ride Chimney Rock’s modernized elevator at the grand reopening celebration later this spring. 

The contest is called Get Elevated (Again) and it runs now through May 2. One family with one of the longest ongoing visitations, a historical photograph showing family members at the Park and the most fascinating story about their family connection to Chimney Rock will be selected as the lucky winners. The winning family will be announced about one week prior to the opening celebration. For the entire contest rules, click here.

Submission Requirements.  The following is required to be eligible to win the Get Elevated (Again) contest:

  1. A brief paragraph, maximum of 450 words, telling a fascinating story about your family history of visiting the Park over the past decades.
  2. An original or scanned historical photograph showing members of your family inside the Park. Submitting a photo dated around or before the original elevator opening in the late 1940s will increase your chances of winning. The older the photo, the better.
  3. A photo caption 1-2 sentences long, stating: 1) who is shown in the photo, 2) location inside the Park where the photo was taken and 3) what year the photo was taken.

Ways to Submit.  Submit your story, photograph and photo caption to the Get Elevated (Again) contest no later than Wednesday, May 16. Choose one of the two ways below to submit:
  1. Email your submission with a digital or scanned photo to:
  2. Mail your submission to: PR & Events, PO Box 39, Chimney Rock, NC 28720.

Questions? If you have any questions about the contest or submission requirements, please email  or call (828) 625-9611 ext.*812.

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