Confirmed: President Plans Spring Vacation in Asheville

Confirmed: President Plans Spring Vacation in Asheville
It’s been confirmed! President Obama and the First Family will enjoy a family getaway to Asheville next weekend! Full of history, culture and natural adventures, an Asheville vacation is perfectly presidential as the spring wildflowers rejuvenate the mountains and farm-fresh flavors fill our local restaurants.

President Obama isn’t the first president to plan a mountain retreat to Asheville, find out what Obama did on his last visit through town (and check out a great travel deal) via the Ten Presidents Package from the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa. For more tips on how to plan an affordable vacation fit for the leader of the free world, check out our Cool Asheville Savings.

Rumors are flying as to exactly where the Obama family will stay and what they will do in Asheville. So, we decided to offer some suggestions...check out our Top 9 Vacation Ideas for President Obama.

We will be tweeting updates, insider tips and presidential sightings, just follow @AshevilleTravel on Twitter (#ObamaVaca).

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