Bright Eyes coming to the Asheville Civic Center

Bright Eyes coming to the Asheville Civic Center

Coming this Saturday, March 5 to the Asheville Civic Center, indie-rock band Bright Eyes will be performing songs from their new album The People's Key, their 11th album to be released.

Bright Eyes is the musical project of singer-songwriter Conor Oberst--an Omaha native who many have dubbed "rock's boy genius." And when one considers his prolific musical output; the ease at which he writes complex, poetic lyrics that accurately sum up many facets of the American experience; that he has been recording music since 13 and, by 24, has recorded over a dozen albums (not to mention a few EPs) and mans his own enormously successful indie record label, Saddle Creek--they may just be right. Many of Oberst's works have been hailed as veritable masterpieces and several critics (as well as a legion of fans) already consider him to hold a place among the great American songwriters.

Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster and cost $38.65 (that's with fees). The concert starts at 8PM. To learn about other events being held at the Asheville Civic Center, please check out their calendar of events. To learn more about things to do in Asheville please visit


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