Blue Ridge Music Trails

Blue Ridge Music Trails
Asheville Insider Tip: New Trail Makes it Easy to Discover Asheville Music.

Asheville Insider Tip: Finding Asheville Music Traditions Has Never Been Easier with the Blue Ridge Music Trail.Mountain music has filled the hills of Appalachia for hundreds of years, and those traditions can still be found when visiting Asheville and western N.C. The newly formed Blue Ridge Music Trails allows visitors to discover the many sites where this unique musical legacy is alive and well.

Stop by the Asheville Visitor Center and pick up a copy of Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina. This guidebook details the history and legacy of Asheville's musical roots plus provides information on where to go. As a bonus, each guide comes with an incredible soundtrack, a compilation of some of the best songs from local artists.

Learn more about Asheville's music scene, including upcoming events.
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