Best Bets for Asheville Beer Week

Best Bets for Asheville Beer Week
Asheville Celebrates Brew Culture and Beer City Win!

Asheville, hot on the heels of its fourth Beer City USA victory, is celebrating with an 11 day extravaganza centered around its craft brew culture. 

Asheville Beer Week begins today and continues through Sunday, June 3. The complete list of events includes everything from special dinners to the "Sink It and Drink It" mini-golf putting crawl. Here are some top picks for the week.

Beer Week Best Bets
  • Celebrating its third year, the Beer City Festival will play host to 32 breweries from across the country. On Saturday, June 2, you can sample new brews, try out some local food and enjoy live music. Tickets are available at Barley's Taproom and Brusin' Ales until May 31.
  • Take a course in brewology. Join local columnist and beer diva, Anne Fitten Glenn, at Barley's Taproom for Beer 101. Get a lesson in beer styles, brewing, beer history and more. The event takes place Friday, May 25, from 4 to 6PM.
  • Asheville's oldest brewery meets America's oldest brewery. Join Leah Wong Ashburn and Jennifer Yuengling at Highland Brewing Company for an event highlighting the next generation of family-owned breweries. It takes place Thursday, May 31 from 4:00 - 8:00 PM.

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Stay Connected
Download the free Asheville Beer Week app for iPhone and Android. It's full of useful maps, event listings, brewery information as well as fun extras like social sharing and a photo function that lets you apply your favorite beer-goggle effects. Also follow the action via the Asheville Beer Week's website, Facebook page and their Twitter account.

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