Baby Bear Rescued

Baby Bear Rescued
Rangers at Chimney Rock State Park Rescue Injured Bear Cub.

Warning! This blog post is adorable. Our friends at Chimney Rock State Park sent us these photos of an adorable bear cub who sustained a leg injury and was rescued by a park ranger. Mama bear was no where to be found. 

Here's the latest from their Facebook page:

UPDATE on the bear cub rescued at Chimney Rock: He's doing well! (Yes, it's male.) Somehow its left leg was injured, either by a fall or a birth defect. A wildlife biologist took care of it the first night. The next day it was eating well and walking around, although it was still favoring its left leg. It was transported to a private rehabilitation center and will remain there until it is old enough to be moved to a state rehabilitation facility. After a full recovery at the state facility, bears usually go back to the same region they came from and are released in bear sanctuaries. Thanks for all your care & concern! And NEVER attempt to feed or approach bears yourself - call on a wildlife professional. 

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