Asheville's Top Five Rainy Day Adventures

Asheville's Top Five Rainy Day Adventures
Rainy days may have made Karen Carpenter sad, but they don't have to affect your trip to Asheville and the surrounding mountains. With rain in the forecast for the next week you may think your activities will be limited, but with a little wet weather planning you'll find that there are plenty of rainy day adventures to keep your vacation from being a total washout. Grab your raincoat and an umbrella - Here are some top suggestions to help you embrace the springtime soak.

  • Biltmore - With approximately 250 rooms to discover in the house alone, you'll have plenty of time indoors to take in the beautiful decor from this late 19th century mansion. The winery tour and greenhouses will also provide shelter from the elements.
  • The Health Adventure - This one is perfect for the kids. Experience a fun-filled educational experience that sparks curiosity about health and science. Here you'll find traveling exhibits like Curious George and Sesame Street and permanent exhibits that will stimulate your child's senses.
  • Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking - Get outside! The rain is a water sport enthusiast's best friend. The current will be faster and the rapids will be larger. Who cares if it's raining if you're already in the water, right?
  • Hiking & Waterfall Hunting - Many people think you need a sunny day for the perfect hike, but Asheville's mountains are almost magical in the rain. You'll need to wear the right shoes and exercise caution in case of slippery surfaces (no climbing up waterfall faces!), but those waterfalls will be roaring giving anyone willing to make the trek a spectacular show. You'll see why our mountains are considered temperate rainforests.
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