Asheville Replaces Iron Sculpture

Asheville Replaces Iron Sculpture
Say Goodbye to Downtown Asheville's Iconic Iron.

Out with the old...
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In a dramatic move, the city is saying buh-buy to the iconic iron sculpture residing in front of downtown Asheville's Flat Iron building. In it's place, the city will install a new nine-foot sculpture of a silver cat.

Late last week, the city sent out an official statement claiming "the replacement of the iron sculpture had become a pressing matter ever since Monopoly removed the piece from their game in lieu of a cat." It went on to state, "the feline sculpture should resonate more with the general public since the world has become obsessed with cats."

For examples they cited here, here and here.

The flat iron has been a popular stop along Asheville's Urban Trail for years. Buskers have routinely used the sculpture as a back drop for their street performances and many a tourist have used the iron for comical photo opps. The iron was created by local artist Reed Todd.

...In with the new.
Happy April 1st! ;-)


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