America’s Number One Selling iPad App Created In Asheville

America’s Number One Selling iPad App Created In Asheville
Before Steve Jobs revolutionized the music industry with the iPod, there was Bob Moog. A genius in technology, Moog crafted the world's first synthesizer which forever changed the music industry. Now the technology between these two great minds have been combined making for the hottest must-have app on the market.

Moog Music Inc. has created the next big thing in music. It's called Animoog and ever since it’s launch in October 2011 the app has taken a meteoric rise to the top and is now the number one best selling app for the Apple tablet.

“We had been working on a prototype for this program for years,” said Emmy Parker, Senior Marketing and Brand Manager for Moog Music. “We knew it needed a touch screen platform and once the iPad was released we found what were looking for.”

The Animoog app is the first professional synthesizer designed for the iPad. It’s highly visual display projects imagery as you play and the ease of use will have you crafting music in minutes. Within days of release artists had already created new tracks using only the app.

“We’ve heard reports that people have bought the iPad just so they could get their hands on the app,” said Parker. “It’s been immensely popular.” The app is available in the iTunes store. They are offering it for a limited tap at the introductory rate of $0.99.

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