A Guide to Asheville Restaurant Week

Insider tips for navigating Asheville's week-long feast

Just this week, Forbes Travel Guide wrote up Asheville as one of "Five Secret Foodie Cities" worth checking out this year, and it's not the first time that the area's food scene has been noticed by the national press.

This month, Asheville is celebrating its culinary prowess (and perhaps blowing the cover off any "secret" status) with a week-long homage to restaurants. Asheville Restaurant Week kicks off January 21, and we wanted to offer a few insider tips, as well our take on this year's stellar restaurant list.

Know Before You Go
A few suggestions to help you find your way through Asheville Restaurant Week...

  1. How it Works: Participating restaurants will be offering special menus for a special price. Options include:
    • Lunch: $15 two-course meal for one person.
    • Dinner: $30 three-course meal for one person.
    • Dinner: $30 two-course meal for two or
    • Dinner: $20 two-course meal for two
  2. Make a Reservation: If you don't want to miss out, book your table ASAP!
  3. Dare to Share: Asheville Restaurant Week is a once-in-a-year opportunity to try some of those great restaurants and dishes you've been eyeing. You can step up the adventure by bringing along a friend and pledging to order different things for a DIY tasting experience.
  4. Map it Out: Make the most of your outing by choosing nearby breweries, coffee shops, stores or theaters to visit after your meal. Check out this useful Pinterest map for all of the restaurant locations and details.
  5. Consider Stretchy Pants: Hey, it can't hurt, right?

Asheville Restaurant Week: Deconstructed
If any of the 30 participating restaurants are new or unfamiliar, these handy categories may be helpful in choosing your dining adventure.

AVL Faves
These eateries are well established and popular among locals and visitors alike. Definitely plan on an enjoyable evening here:
In the Spotlight
From national TV shows to glowing awards, these restaurants and chefs have had some great recent moments in the limelight:
Three participating chefs have been tapped as nominees for the famed James Beard Award, and one (Rhubarb's John Fleer) has taken home a medal:
New & Noteable
Just a few of the great places that have joined the Asheville restaurant scene in the past year:
Killer Cocktails
For some unmatched beverage pairings with your meal, check out one of these craft cocktail hot spots. (Just remember that Restaurant Week prices generally do not include drinks.):
These restaurants offer intimate dining, great wine lists, and that special something that really makes a romantic evening. Perfect for a nice out with your sweetheart, perhaps followed by a movie or coffee:
In the mood for some global food? These places have you covered, from Italy to India and from sushi to salsa:
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