7 Ways to Discover Bliss in Asheville

7 Ways to Discover Bliss in Asheville
Find Your Happy Place in the New Year.

When is the last time you made a conscious decision to unplug from the demands of the world in exchange for a more visceral experience? Behind the piles of paperwork, budget spreadsheets and household chores is a person yearning to refocus and re-energize. Here are 7 sure-fire ways to supercharge your mind, body and spirit in Asheville throughout the coming year.

Get Back to Nature
Studies have shown that natural surroundings profoundly reduce stress and tension. Get outside for some fresh air, your fix of vitamin D, and reconnect with the bigger picture.

New! Extreme Stargazing Tours - See thousands of stars not visible to the human eye using military-grade night vision equipment.

Find Your Moment of Zen 
Feeling a little wound up? Plan a trip to the spa to stimulate your mind and body. A massage will help improve blood circulation, detoxify your system and untangle those stress-burdened muscles.

New! The Salt Spa of Asheville - Experience the benefits of halotherapy. It's perfect for relief from respiratory issues, allergies, skin irritations and more.

Delight in the Epicurean
Take the time to appreciate delicious food and drink. Too often we eat in a rush, forgetting to savor the meal. Dining should be more about the experience and less about necessity.  

New! WNC Cheese Trail - Artisan cheese makers dot the mountain landscape and now there's a trail that connects them. Use the map to locate your favorite creameries and get a taste of southern culture.

Run Wild
Kick your endorphins into high gear with one of Asheville’s more extreme physical challenges. Find the challenge that makes the most sense to you. The goal here isn’t the number of miles you run, but overcoming your own perceived limits to see that anything is possible.

New! Asheville Marathons - This year ushers in the Biltmore Marathon and the Asheville Marathon. Biltmore is currently sold out, but you still have time to register for September's race.

Make Time for Play
Trying to unplug isn't always easy. Obligations at work and home can loom over your head like a little storm cloud. The best way to snap out of it is with a little adventure - something outside of your comfort zone will do the trick.

New! Asheville Treetop Adventure Park - The "see to believe" attraction in Asheville. They offer over 50 challenges anchored to over 30 towering trees and poles.Challenges range from beginner to experienced.

Learn Something New
It’s never too late to gain a new skill and expand your mind. In fact doing so keeps your brain stimulates and gets the intellectual juices flowing. Get inventive with a new class or hobby to keep your brain sharp for years to come.

New! Vagabond Vistas Photography Instruction - Sharpen your photography skills in a classroom setting or go out into the field for a hands on tutorial on mastering your DSLR.

Celebrate Love
A team of researchers at Yale discovered a link between love and physical wellness. Whether it's with friends, family or that special someone, make time to relish in the comforts of companionship. It can add years to your life.

New! Sweets for the sweet - The French Broad Chocolate Factory is now open and their tasting room is the perfect place to take your sweetheart. The cocoa beans are solar-roasted  for the finest in artisan bean-to-bar chocolates.
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