Asheville Ideas Fest

June of 2022 was a watershed moment: 450 friends from around the country came together with world-class thinkers and doers like Fareed Zakaria, Jon Meacham and Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Our crew included writers, scientists, film-makers and chefs. We had Grammy winners, a National Book Award winning author, and the freshly-minted James Beard Award Winning "Top Restaurant in America". Asheville Ideas Fest is helping to ensure that Asheville will be known for our intellect and culture just as much as our food and craft beverage scenes. You can think of Asheville Ideas Fest as a four-day, intellectually focussed vacation paired with amazing music, outdoor recreation, great food and some of our favorite craft beers.

Our second annual Asheville Ideas Fest will take place June 13-17, 2023. Our program includes a phenomenal lineup of speakers and a laser focus on generating civil discourse on topics that matter. If you choose to join us, you may find your deeply held beliefs challenged on topics such as the future of democracy, public health, climate resilience, the intersection of technology and medicine, and the 2nd Amendment. You can count on meeting Sanjay Gupta, Amna Nawaz and Tom Friedman for starters.  They'll be joined by other big names, profound thinkers, artists and musicians here in Asheville this summer.

Please make plans to join us and click here to register. Let’s ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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