As holiday gifts loom on the credit card and the country’s economic woes persist, consumers are seeking inexpensive options for romance on Valentine’s Day. Good news: The calendar and recent trends of discount travel have aligned to make Valentine’s Day 2009 especially auspicious for a romantic weekend getaway.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the same three-day weekend as President’s Day. By choosing a nearby destination, travelers can plan a long-weekend escape without using additional vacation days. Low gas prices and travel bargains sweeten the deal to help couples stretch their vacation dollars and keep romance in the budget.

Valentine's Day Getaway Packages
Winter Romance in Asheville: Centrally located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is ranked as one the world’s top must-see cities. That means U.S. residents in the east have a romantic, world-class destination that’s affordable and only a few hours away. See Asheville’s romance packages from classic to culinary to spa indulgence.

Other Destinations: Unique Valentine’s Day Packages

Asheville's Top 10 Romantic Things to Do On a Budget

1)     Try a Hot Chocolate Tasting TourFrom organic sippable truffles to a winter warm-up on a bright red double-decker bus, cozy up at Asheville's many cocoa and coffee houses for primo people-watching and affordable amore
2)     Find a Scenic Makeout SpotGaze into starry eyes and starry skies while soaking in the famous and free vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take a drive up Town Mountain or watch the sunset from the Blue Ridge Parkway
3)     Request a Mountain SerenadeMost of Asheville's restaurants and pubs transition to live music venues at night. Score free romance points by having a local musician dedicate a song to your sweetheart
4)     Be Free SpiritedTour with your tastebuds as you explore Asheville's many micro breweries and wine shops. Watch for free tastings and events at
5)     Go Gallery GazingLooking is free. Stroll hand-in-hand through Asheville's eclectic art galleries and boutiques, from sophisticated showrooms to funky artist studios
6)     Share a Decadent DessertSplit the cost by sharing an unforgettable dessert lovingly prepared by one of Asheville's independent chefs (Goat-cheese chocolate brownie with cream-cheese ice cream anyone?)
7)     Have a National Park AdventureThis year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, a nearby national and natural wonder that's always free to explore
8)     Find a Second-hand RoseKnown for vintage clothing boutiques and antique shops, Asheville is full of low-cost treasures with history
9)Couples GeocachingUse that GPS Santa got you and take your sweetheart on a high-tech treasure hunt. Within 100 miles of downtown Asheville are more than 7,600 hidden geocaches waiting to be found, free of charge
10)   Make Your Own SouvenirThe local arts and crafts culture often rubs off on visitors. Save money by making your own unique memorabilia, like piece of pottery or a souvenir charm bracelet at one of the many bead and gem shops 

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