Visit for weekly color reports utilizing up-to-date information from area parks, leaf experts and attractions, as well as an animated color-progression map of peaking fall leaves that pinpoints when and where the best color is occurring. New this year, the Asheville Hike Finder is now available on Alexa. Simply search “Asheville Hike Finder” in your Alexa app and enable for insider guidance as you select trails for views, waterfalls and skill level.

The dynamic fall color map on shows travelers just how wide-spread and varied the color can be across our mountainous region. As we gather additional weather information, expert predictions and make real-time, on-the-ground observations, we update the map and weekly color reports via to help travelers find color-filled adventures across the season. 


Surrounded by 1 million acres of forest, extreme biodiversity and some of the oldest mountains on the planet, the Asheville area is full of autumnal adventures with nature front and center.


The Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina are fortunate to have one of the longest and most colorful displays of autumn foliage in the world due to:

  • Extreme Elevations: In a region that ranges from 1,500 feet in the valleys to 6,684 feet at Mount Mitchell (the highest peak east of the Mississippi River), the colors descend the mountains for a transition that can span multiple months.
  • Unmatched Biodiversity: There are more than 100 species of deciduous (leaf-shedding) trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Micro-climates, geology and the long evolutionary history of some of the oldest mountains on earth contribute to the extended fall season, wealth of wildlife and colorful range of fall leaves.
  • Long Season: Starting late September in the higher elevations and extending through early or mid-November in the lower regions of the Asheville area, peaking fall color is accessible throughout the fall season.

Information on the safety actions of local businesses and shared responsibility of visitors can be found via the “Asheville Cares Stay Safe Pledge.”