See & Do in the Asheville Area

Filled with natural wonders and architectural treasures, you’ll soon come to understand the allure of Asheville. Discover for yourself all there is to see and do. From our iconic landmarks to local favorites, these are our sure bets for a memorable mountain escape.

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  • by Jonathan Ammons

    Dinner and dancing are not mutually exclusive in Asheville. Many of our music halls double as a restaurant, or offer ways to nosh before catching a show. If you’re looking for the best all-in-one spots for your night on the town, then check out one … read more

  • by Janet Moore

    In a city where creativity is a way of life, it’s not surprising that the classics play an integral part of Asheville’s music scene in surprising ways. Take the Asheville Symphony Orchestra , for example. “Asheville is a musical oasis between … read more

  • by Jonathan Ammons

    There are venues, and then there are iconic music halls – those place where stages have been graced by music legends, or in some cases, help made them legends. In Asheville those places are revamped skating rinks, born again movie theaters, and old … read more

  • by Jonathan Ammons

    Music can be found everywhere in Asheville, from large music halls to the streets of downtown. Often times the best concerts are performed in rather unexpected places. Neighborhood dive bars, juke joints and local hot spots regularly play host to … read more

  • by Gina Smith

    With its thriving music scene, including an ever-growing list of local Grammy nominees, Asheville is making a name for itself nationally as a hotbed for singing talent. But the craft of telling stories through song has long been woven into the … read more

  • by Elizabeth Sims

    Lovett grew up in a small town in Georgia “somewhere between the ‘E’ and the ‘O’” on a state map and attended the University of Georgia, where he was steeped in the Athens music scene and met his now long-time collaborator Jacob Gentry. Their first … read more