Gingerbread House Tips

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Gingerbread House

Find out how to make your own gingerbread house with these gingerbread recipes and gingerbread house instructions from The Omni Grove Park Inn.

Feeling creative? Make your own gingerbread house with this recipe and these instructions.

Gingerbread House Construction Tips

  1. Decide on shape and style of house.

  2. Make templates for all sides and roof of house (cardboard, posterboard).

  3. Decide on the materials you plan to use.

  4. Roll out gingerbread to approximately ΒΌ inch thick.

  5. Decide on a style of window (examples: poured sugar, chocolate candies).

  6. Do all decorating on side of house before assembly.

  7. Make Royal Icing. Keep covered.

  8. Assemble your house. You will need cans and little boxes to help support your house while the Royal Icing dries.

  9. Decide on material for the roof (keep weight in mind).

  10. When sides and front are dry and sturdy, assemble the roof.

  11. Cover with a little powdered sugar for a snowy look (optional).

  12. Add Christmas trees or people, animals, little ponds, snow banks, etc.

  13. Have fun!

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