Great Outdoors

Scenic vistas, stunning waterfalls, and fresh mountain air are perfect ingredients to an outdoor adventure, miles away from ordinary.

Explorers of the Blue Ridge Parkway
A Day Trip to DuPont

by Melissa Stanz
Less than an hour’s drive south of Asheville between…

Asheville Hiking Guide: The Trail Starts Here

by Joanne O'Sullivan
Thousands of miles of trails twist, meander, dip and climb…

Blue Ridge Parkway Package

Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Parkway offers anglers an experience of a lifetime! This two night package will provide a nice getaway for you and/or that special…

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  • by Asheville Insider

    The landscape of the southern Appalachians, the oldest mountains in the world, is rich in biodiversity, offering you an opportunity to discover flora not found anywhere else in the world. In Asheville, seasonal favorites like daffodils, tulips and … read more

  • by Asheville Insider

    What could be better than standing in the late spring or summer sunshine, the wind brushing your face as you hold the ripest, juiciest strawberry you’ve ever seen in your hands? Maybe picking it, and trying not to let the juice run down your chin? … read more

  • by Asheville Insider

    Family farms abound in and around Asheville—and Fairview's bucolic Hickory Nut Gap is as family as they come. Both Hickory Nut Gap and the adjacent Flying Cloud Farms sit on land settled in 1916 by Jim and Elizabeth McClure. Five generations of their … read more

  • by Jodi Helmer

    Ask local chefs and mixologists about the inspiration for their signature dishes and drinks, and they will tell stories about searching for patches of chickweed, chanterelles, sassafras, violets and dandelions in the forests and parks. The bounty of … read more

  • by Asheville Insider

    At 6,684, Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. At its summit you'll find a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding Appalachian landscape, filled with mountains and valleys. Experience the gradual change in plant life as … read more

  • by Lindsey Grossman

    Avoid the crowds (and prices) that come with fall , spring and summer , and enjoy Asheville with your family at the most wonderful time of the year. Indoors With more than 30 pinball machines and over a dozen classic video games in the “Arcave,” … read more