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Asheville Food Culture

In Asheville, we believe every meal should be a celebration, an experiential adventure meant to be savored and shared with family and friends. We believe our Southern roots, mountain spirit and locavore sensibilities have created a food community that transcends the farm-to-table movement, culminating in an all-out way of life. It's a culinary culture uniquely ours, one where the experience remains with you long after the final bite.

Dine at one of hundreds of independent restaurants in Asheville and you too will believe in the fine quality of artisanal cheese, chocolates and bread; the flavorful craftsmanship behind each microbrew; and the freshness of locally-sourced vegetables from one of many mountain area tailgate markets. Come taste for yourself and discover how Asheville became a favored destination for food enthusiasts and earned its place on the culinary map.

  • Dining in Asheville

    Want to find the best place to eat in Asheville? With over 250 independent restaurants, cafes and bakeries you won't have to look far.
  • Beer & Breweries

    The craft brew scene is Asheville is one of the best in the nation. Come find out why Asheville is the original Beer City USA.
  • Food Adventures

    Taste your way across Asheville with culinary tours, foraging expeditions and a number of pick-your-own opportunities.
  • Markets

    Find the freshest produce the mountains offer at one of the many tailgate and farmers markets taking place each week in Foodtopia during the growing season.
  • Wine & Cocktails

    Visit a vineyard or sample some 'shine at a local distillery. Asheville has it all, from micro-brewed sake to craft Kombucha.
  • Local Recipes

    Bring the taste of Foodtopia into your home with these specialty recipes from Asheville's top chefs and tastemakers.